… with the Diana Baroni Trio

After her first explorations around the Afro-Peruvian repertory, reflected in her first album Son de los Diablos, a critically acclaimed success and proof of empathetic musicality, Diana founded the Diana Baroni TRIO to create a link between the sonorities of the XVIII century and the traditional music of the colonies at the New World.

Following this principle, the Diana Baroni TRIO emphasizes the warmth and intimacy of a chamber music ensemble, recreating a unique musical style through afro-Amerindian songs and powerfull rhythms.

Their repertory is composed by Tonadas, Pasacalles, valses and songs issues from the oral tradition which constitute the fundamentals of the south-American folklore. Diana Baroni TRIO recreates also the heritage of Chabuca Granda, emblematic figure of post- colonial Lima, proposing personal interpretations.

Diana Baroni TRIO invents at the same time rich music, with sonic poetry full of life in which Latin passions appear in all their beauty.

Around Diana Baroni, leader and flutist with sensual voice, the TRIO is based on the musical complicity of Lincoln Almada, whose Paraguayan Harp constitutes the instrumental core of the trio.

Rafael Guel, sensitive multinstrumentalist, accompanies Diana by his warm voice,

his traditional guitars from Mexico and percussions, proposing an endless variety of colours.

For their new album FLOR DE VERANO

-Pao Records, autumn 2008- the Trio invited exceptional musicians like Tunde Jegede, with its Malian kora and his violoncello, adding to their repertory richness and exotism.

…with Café Zimmermann

The French baroque ensemble Cafe Zimmermann, adopted the name of the Leipzig coffee house, which in the years 1729-1739 was famous for hosting weekly concerts by musicians of the local Collegium Musicum with the participation of Johann Sebastian Bach.

In the style and type of its chamber music making, Café Zimmermann  references 18th century performance and musical practices, creating a new quality in the performance of baroque instrumental music repertoire.

Please visit the Café Zimmermann homepage for actual information and performance dates!

…with the Brodsky Quartet

The Lufthansa Music Festival in London 2006 opened the possibility to establish an artistic collaboration with the Brodsky Quartet.

Together with the Diana Baroni Trio, they performed a thrilling program of Afro-Hispanic music from the colonies in South America, 17th and 18th century dances from the Old and New World, alongside with 20th century and contemporary works including a world première commission from Argentinean composer Gerardo Gandini.

An overview of Latin American musical identity, where cultural syncretism of various kinds created a substantial diversity of songs and dances, rooted in indigenous and african traditions. 

As part of the events Resistance & Remembrance at the British Musem London in 2007, Diana Baroni, Brodsky Quartet and Tunde Jegede - kora and compositions - were invited to perform a concert, commemorating the bicentenary of slavery abolition.


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